Ethereum Dice

Ethereum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, allowing players to make transactions to and from online casinos. Gambling with crypto allows gamblers to enjoy a fully reliable and safe experience.

Ethereum Dice online

One of the most interesting games available to play for Ethereum is dice. Running on smart contracts, which automate the end-to-end process of gambling, Ethereum blockchain is completely transparent, which means that all transactions are accessible to auditing. When playing Ethereum dice games, you won’t be required to register, which is another benefit. To learn more about available types of games, be sure to check the review.

vDice is a cutting-edge Ethereum dice platform that operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables players to enjoy gambling from any place in the world. Just choose a digit, decide the accompanied bet multipliers, and wait for the result of the round. Here you can expect different odds, but everything depends on the risk you can take.

vDice provides a competitive house advantage of 1.9%. If you select the vDice, you will benefit from a seamless gambling experience. Thanks to the smart contract, it is not be required to make deposits or register in order to play games. Every placed bet, whether winning or losing, will return a viewable transaction available on the blockchain.


iDice is another form of dice gambling available on the Ethereum network. It enables players to place wagers in Ether as well as bet on the house with tokens. Going forward, 100% of all profit is shared among holders of the token, based on the sum of tokens they have. If you have 5%, you will get 5% of the generated profit. iDice holders benefit from the favorable house edge.

iDice is a service providing a provably fair dice gambling app. The game code is fully decentralized.

Crypto Games Dice

Crypto Games Dice is a casino game where you have a significant range and higher fidelity of outcomes (0.000-99.999). You need to guess whether the lucky number rolled by the dice will be higher or lower than a particular digit. The maximum bet amount is 250.00 Ethereum, while the maximum win amount per wager is 25.00 Ethereum. After you make a deposit to your personal address, you can start with your gambling experience. accepts different cryptocurrencies, and it also specializes in dice gaming. Here are the additional benefits:

  • The provider is specialized in alt-coins, allowing users to bet online with Ethereum easily. 
  • Players can adapt the pay-out rate and claim big winnings. 
  • It allows people from all over the world to place bets without requiring any deposit or creation of the user account.

When it comes to the house edge on dice games, 0.8% is one of the lowest in the gambling market. There is also a chance for winning a jackpot, providing players with an identical and fair winning chance. You can receive 100% of the jackpot if the winning sum is above 1.2000 Ethereum. If the winning sum is lower, you will get a proportional jackpot share. Dice platform is one of the best places to enjoy Ethereum dice. Here you will find an excellent selection of games with real ETH awards. If you are searching for the top Ethereum casino dice, you are recommended to join High stakes Ethereum dice tables at the site. ETH casino is hosted by Betsoft.

There are also lower limit tables for smaller stakes. It is also possible to access games for free without investing cryptocurrency. With the free option, you won’t win anything, but you can learn a lot of things. When playing at, you will enjoy a fully safe and secure gambling experience. The platform hosts a number of table games with the highest fairness. 

What’s more important, is a licensed crypto site offering provably fair dice games. It allows the brand to host dice options for real awards. 


Etheroll is another Ethereum dice game that is also a provably fair and fully transparent option. It allows people to place wagers on the result of a 100-sided dice roll without deposits required by using Ether – the 2nd most popular crypto option in the world. Players can follow the “risk vs. return” method and select odds from 1% to 98%.

The platform is run through the smart contract, which provides full transparency and true results of the game. In addition, the smart contract ensures that funds aren’t held by Etheroll thanks to the full automation. There is also the decentralized nature of the smart contract, allowing players to place bets and rest assured that their funds won’t be held by a 3rd party. It also ensures full protection from any hacks, misconduct, or thefts.