Ethereum Blackjack

Ethereum is the second-most popular digital currency after Bitcoin. Ethereum’s unique properties, like smart contracts, widespread acceptance, security, and privacy, have prompted many online casinos to accept it. Today, gamblers can play different games using this cryptocurrency, including Ethereum blackjack. Essentially, you can play various blackjack games using Ethereum to load funds into your casino account.

Ethereum casino Blackjack

Ethereum has a block time of about 10 to 20 seconds. That means the crypto network confirms Ethereum transactions very quickly, between 30 and 60 times faster than Bitcoin’s network. Consequently, you don’t have to wait for a casino to approve your deposit before you start playing your favorite blackjack game. Likewise, Ethereum withdrawals are faster due to quick block times. That means you will have funds in your wallet more quickly if you use Ethereum as your withdrawal method than when using Bitcoin.

Additionally, Ethereum has significantly lower transaction fees than Bitcoin, meaning you save time and money when playing blackjack with Ethereum.

What’s more, some casinos award lucrative bonuses to players who use this payment method instead of fiat currencies. And this has increased Ethereum gambling on platforms that accept cryptocurrencies. This article highlights some of the blackjack games to play with this crypto.

  • Ethereum Classic Blackjack: Classic blackjack has undoubtedly transformed the computer screens for many players into card games’ virtual havens. And you can now play classic blackjack using Ethereum to load funds into your casino account. Some of the Ethereum classic blackjack variants you can play with this cryptocurrency include Burn 21 blackjack and Super 7 blackjack. You’re likely to find these variants in the games’ lobby of most casinos that accept Ethereum payments.
  • Ethereum Provably Fair Blackjack: As the name suggests, this blackjack game comes with a provably fair feature. And you can play this game using Ethereum to fund your casino account. Essentially, Provably Fair Blackjack has tables with 100% randomness that experts have proven. That means players can validate the game’s results because the provider doesn’t hide anything.
  • Ethereum Live Blackjack: This is one of the best ETH blackjack games to play at an online casino. Once you play this game, you’ll most likely recall all your sessions. And you can play live blackjack with Ethereum at different online casino tables. Perhaps, the best thing about live blackjack is that a player sees all table actions and shuffling via a streaming web video feed. Thus, the game is highly interactive and enjoyable.
  • European Ethereum Blackjack: Most people believe that blackjack originated from Spain. Therefore, the blackjack journey began in Europe. And you can now use Ethereum to play the European blackjack in an online casino that takes crypto payments.
  • American Ethereum Blackjack: This is also another blackjack variant you can play with this virtual currency. American blackjack has several variants, all of which you can play with Ethereum. But their primary differences depend on how the dealer uses soft 17 and the number of decks that gamblers decide to play.

Other types of ETH blackjack that you can play online include blackjack surrender, VIP blackjack, Pontoon, multi-hand blackjack, and double exposure blackjack. Most casinos measure Ethereum bets in terms of mETH or milliETH. That means 1mETH is equivalent to 0.001ETH. Ethereum’s price is lower than Bitcoin’s value. Therefore, the 1mETH value is correspondingly lower than 1mBTH, with the current 1mETH worth around $0.40. Nevertheless, some blackjack game providers convert their bet denominations into US dollars in advance. Therefore, take a closer look at the bet denominations to know the exact amount of funds you spend on your bets.